Specialty Player Action Form (Section 2: Adult Games)

Players who desire to maintain their UYSA membership eligibility will need to complete the Special Player Action Form. You will are required to get the required signatures which can take time to facilitate.

As stated by the UYSA: A youth player retains their youth status while participating in adult league games - but they must have the Specialty Player Action Form fully completed and signed before participation in any adult league game(s). If an adult league and youth game(s) conflict, the youth game(s) take precedence.

You will be able to print a copy of this form using the following link:

UYSA Specialty Player Form

To help you speed up this process we recommend the following these steps:

  1. Complete all Player/Team information. (Section 1 Guest Player is not applicable in this case)
  2. Have the Youth Coach complete the Youth Team, Age Group and their signature
  3. Have the Youth Association's President complete their signature
  4. Deliver the form to the Adult Association's President to obtain their signature.
  5. You will receive the original and a copy of the completed form while at the Adult Association office.
  6. You will need to provide the completed original version back to the Youth office to finalize the process.